I want to explain some of the market both traditional and modern markets. the first I will describe the modern market or Hypermart, and which I will describe is Alfamart, where the location is in front of my house. the thing that i have thinking about Alfamart is, Alfamart means employed in choosing the place chosen to establish its place. why, because not only Alfamart located in front of my house just like this, but in all other places were also using the same strategy in choosing a strategic place in establishing Alfamart. that is, Alfamart always building their placed beside the other hypermart just like Indomart. logically, there is no people has build their placed business adjacent with rival business or a plot with a business carried on. because the system that alfamart used, then the problem is coming. Both of Alfamart and Indomart even for consumers themselves. viewed from the side Alfamart, with a marketing system that is used of Alfamart itself must consider how Alfamart itself to compete with Indomart, just like in terms of product price, consumer satisfaction, and others. whereas viewed from Indomart was also the same, he must figure out how to their customers do not flee from him move to Alfamart. for consumers because they are not too dizzy if compared between Alfamart and Indomart in the same price if the difference was not different or disagree slightly, just what distinguishes the two is in terms of development in the quality of customer satisfaction. as I know, in Alfamart not only receive a cash payment services, but also in Alfamart: now accept credit cards for customers Alfamart. while in Alfamart also provide phone card, there is also a LCD television set to increase customer satisfaction can also be used for advertising as an addition to income other than sales.

And the second I will describe the traditional market, near of my house there are two places, namely the Agung Market and Musi market. Agung Market is located in Depok 2 Timur  proclamation street was builded in 2002 and was in the midst of settlement residents and many acces such as gas stations, schools, and other shophouses. Agung Market has an area 10674.98 m2 with 3 floors of buildings and open spaces used for parking area. This market was built in 3 floors such as basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor. on the first floor as a place selling food consumer goods on the first floor and second floor as the sale of clothing, jewelry, toys and etc. also equipped with various facilities such as toilets, mosque, parking and kiosk.  Pasar Agung terdiri dari 426 buah Los, 296 buah kios, dan 110 buah PKL sudah termasuk dari lantai basement hingga lantai 2 yang menjual berbagai kebutuhan sehari-hari. Agung Market parking space consists of motorcycle parking and car parking located around the market building. Parking motor is placed around the side of the building between the stairs that led below the basement floor and the stairs to floor 1. Meanwhile, the car parking area park around the building opposite with motorcycle parking area. And parking area which car and motorcycle placed in front of and rear of Agung market.other than that at some point in the market there are also issues such as waste, untreated even the placed is not maintained. Problems such as these make buyers feel uncomfortable when  coming to the market. there must be awareness of both sides of the market management, sellers, buyers and even work together in creating a clean and comfortable environment.