Based on the legal side, form a business entity be divided into privately owned enterprises, state enterprises, and cooperative-owned enterprises. State owned enterprises to form a business entity individual, firm, Company Commanditaire (CV), and Limited Liability Company.

State-owned enterprises consist of service companies, public companies, and national state. Cooperative owned enterprises consist of general cooperatives, cooperative functional, cooperative unit of the village, and the cooperative school.

Private company owned by one person, with a fortune of two or more people. Fellowship can have two forms, namely with the name together. For example, Andi, Doni, and Mike founded the firm ADM taken from their names. Limited partnership established by the allies and the moving allies. Company Commanditaire (CV) is almost the same as a limited liability company, because one of side the company only provide capital or we known as stakeholder, and other allies who manage the firm (allies move).

Capital limited liability company consisting of the shares. Largest stakeholder has the greatest control over the company as well. Form a limited liability company is the only legal form of business entity that may become publilk company in the capital market.

Differences CV with Limited Liability Company, is, on the CV, both allies of still or moving allies both get the benefit, which is divided on the basis of agreement between the allies and the allies still moving. Whereas Company, corporate profits are divided in the form of dividends to equity owners (stakeholders) only, while the managers of essentially no benefit. Managers, and employees would probably benefit if they have stock of the company. In the CV, both allies is the leader of the company. In Company, there is one leader of the company chosen by the stakeholders at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).