1. people grow corn in iowa. (Active)

corn is grown in iowa. (Passive)

2. Peter came here two months ago. (No change)

3. Someone made this antique table in 1734. (active)

this table was made by someone in 1734. (passive)

4. An accident happened at the corner of Fifth and Main. (Active)

at the corner of Fifth and Main was happened an accident. (Passive)

5. Someone stole my purse. (Active)

my purse was stolen by someone. (passive)

6. someone was making the coffee when I walked into the kitchen. (active)

the coffee was being made by someone when I walked into the kitchen. (Passive)

7. Translator have translated that book into many languages. (active)

that book have been translated by translator into many languages. (Passive)

8. Jim’s daughter drew that picture. (Active)

that picture was drawen by Jim’s daughter. (passive)

9. The judges will judges the applicants on the basis of their originality. (Active)

the applicants will be judged by the judges on the basis of their originality. (passive)

10. my sister’s plane will arrive at 10:35. (no change)

11. Is professor Rivers teaching that course this semester? (No change)

12. When did someone invent the radio? (Active)

when the radio was invented by someone? (passive)

13. The mail carrier had already delivered the mail by the time I left for school this morning. (active)

the mail had been delivered by me when I left for school this morning. (Passive)

14. when is someone going to announce the results of the contest? (No change)

15. after the concert was over, hundreds of fans mobbed the rock music star outside the theater. (active)

the rock music star was mobbed by hundreds of fans after the concert outside the theater. (passive)

16. ever since I arrived here. I have been living in the dormitory because someone told me that it was cheaper to live there than in an apartment. (active)

the dormitory have been being lived by me because someone told me that it was cheaper to live there in an apartment since I arrived here.

17. they are going to build the new hospital next year. They have already built the new elementary school. (No change)

18. if you expose a film to light you are developing it, you will ruin the negatives. (No change.)



3. an aerosol spray can will explode if you threw it into a fire.

4. you should tell your father exactly what happened. If I were you, I will tell him the truth as soon as possible.

5. if I have my camera with me yesterday, I will take a picture of Alex standing on his head.

6. i’m almost ready to plant my garden. I have a lot of seeds. Maybe I have more than I need. If I had more seeds than I need, I will give some to Nellie.

7. I got wet because I didn’t take my umbrella. However, I didn’t get wet if I remembered to take my umbrella with me yesterday.

8. I will change the present economic policy if I was the President of the United States.

9. if the teacher will absent tomorrow, class will be cancelled.

10. george has only two pairs of sock. If he have been more than two pairs of sock, he will not to wash his socks so often.

11. that sounds like a good job offer. If I were you, I will accept it.

12. the cowboy pulled his gun toshoot at the rattlesnake, but he was too late. If he has quicker to pull the trigger, the snake will not bite him on the ankle. It’s good thing he was wearing heavy leather boots.